CoreFusion - 50 minute full body workout on the floor and Barre using hand weights, bands, stability balls and ankle weights.
Expect intentful movements that will effectively sculpt and tone your muscles, increase your cardio endurance and lengthen and strengthen your body. All levels welcome.

CoreFormer - 50 minute full body workout on our resistance based customized machine, The CoreFormer.
Expect movements that will effectively break down your muscles so they can rebuild leaner and stronger. A majority of the movements come from the foundation of a plank, lunge and squat. Class will be broken down to equally target and strengthen your Abs, Arms, Obliques and Legs and will be accompanied by a 5 minute stretch at the end. All levels welcome.

CoreSoul - 50 minute class that will enrich your mind, body and soul. You’ll begin with a 30 minute full body workout on the CoreFormer that will target all muscle groups. Followed by the workout is a 10 minute guided stretch that relieves tensed muscles and helps your body recover. The final 10 minutes of class is our personal favorite; a calming meditation that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.